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Discover organic cork fabrics without plastic. Completely without polyester (PES) and polyurethane (PU).

organic cork fabrics

Cork straps and cords

Just like our cork fabrics, our cork straps are robust and tear-resistant like leather. With rounded edges and double stitched.

cork straps and cords

- Cork fabrics marbled by hand -

Each cork fabric sheet is unique and only available once.

marbled cork fabrics

Discover our premium quality cork fabric from OAK + CORK!

Cork fabric - cork leather by OAK + CORK. The new trend material is considered the perfect vegan leather alternative. Cork is known for bulletin boards, floors and wine corks, but nowadays it has also found its way under the sewing machine and not only there. Each piece of our cork leather is unique thanks to its natural, vegan and unique feel. Furthermore, our cork material takes modern environmental protection into account. Cork as a material in its most beautiful form!

Where does the cork on our cork leather come from?

We manufacture our cork leather in Portugal (Algarve), where our cork oaks grow and thrive. By peeling the bark, we obtain the renewable raw material cork. The harvested cork is then boiled and pressed into large cork bales. The cork balls are then peeled to thin cork skins and these are fixed to the carrier material. The actual process of cork extraction is much more expensive and complex. Cork fabric is a natural product derived from renewable sources and is recyclable for many uses.

What can you make from cork fabric?

Our cork fabric is very diverse. You can sew the cork leather with your household sewing machine. Many believe they need an industrial sewing machine, but it is not necessary. It's easy to work with. A simple 70 gauge needle and good quality polyester thread will suffice. The great thing about our cork fabrics is that you can open the edges because our cork fabric does not fray.

You can also paint our cork leather. Different colors are suitable for this. It's best to try it out on a smaller piece of cork fabric. Otherwise you can cut, sew, iron, rivet, punch, glue, paint, write on, staple, embroider our cork leather and use it for many other jobs. The cork fabric from OAK + CORK is the perfect substitute for leather. This makes it an excellent material for a variety of creative sewing and DIY projects. No matter whether you want to make a bag, backpack, wallet or home accessories out of it. Our cork fabric sold by the meter is unique and sustainable at the same time.

cork properties

Cork fabric from OAK + CORK is 100% vegan, water-repellent, washable, dirt-repellent, robust, abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-static, allergy-friendly, recyclable, environmentally friendly, warm, soft and non-fading. Stains can be easily removed by immediately dabbing with water. If the cork fabric has slight creases, you can easily iron our cork leather from the back.

With us you will find a large selection of cork leather in different sizes and colors. The vegan leather alternative, order and buy your cork fabric now!

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Discover the sustainable label EVE + ADIS . In our studio on Lake Constance, our bags, backpacks and accessories are handcrafted for you. We only use vegetable-tanned genuine leather from Germany.

- Cork leather from OAK + CORK -

With us you will find high-quality cork fabrics that are sustainable, vegan and water-repellent. Our cork leather does not break, is easy to work with and is approx. 1 mm thick. The cork fabrics are shipped folded . If there are any creases, they can easily be ironed out from the back with an iron .

The processing time of your order is 3-5 working days, depending on the order situation . If you have any further questions, just contact us.

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