Discover cork fabrics in a natural look

The natural and granulated cork materials are kept in the original color of the natural cork. You can find the patterned ones in jungle and leopard optics. We offer crocodile gold and caiman cork leather as animal embossing. Also cork fabric in rattan look.

Cork material natural vs. soft nature: The "natural" cork material is a bit firmer and more rigid than the "soft nature" cork leather. The cork fabric "nature" is suitable, for example, for a cork mobile phone case, laptop bag, shopping bags and cork straps. The Soft Natur cork fabric is, as the name suggests, softer to the touch. This cork leather is suitable, for example, for a cork handbag, gym bags, backpacks, pillows, cushion covers, headliners, baby shoes, carpets and many other things. Discover and feel for yourself what cork fabric can do. If you have any further questions, you can contact us here at any time.