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With us you will find cork fabric from Portugal by the meter. Cork as a material in its most beautiful form.

As a co-founder and designer of the accessory label EVE + ADIS, Adis Mataruga has been working with the newcomer material cork fabric / cork leather for 8 years.

Adis was not only the first to import cork from Portugal to Germany for consumers. He also wrote the book "Sew with cork", which was published by TOPP Verlag.

Via the online shop www.oakandcork.de and www.korkstoffe.de, Adis not only sells cork that comes directly from the Algarve. But he also offers unique marbled cork fabrics , which he dyes by hand using a particularly complex technique.

Lerne unser Accessoires Label kennen!

- minimal aesthetic meets laid-back -

Handgemachte Ledertaschen und Schmuck.

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