What makes cork so special?

Our cork fabric is 100% vegan, water-repellent, washable, dirt-repellent, robust, abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, antistatic, allergy-friendly, recyclable, environmentally friendly, warm, soft and lightfast.

How can we clean our cork skin?

Our cork fabric sold by the meter is easy to clean with water. Stains can be easily removed by dabbing immediately.
If the cork material has slight creases, you can easily iron our cork leather from the back.

What can you make with cork fabric sold by the meter?

Our cork fabric is very versatile. You can sew the cork leather with your usual household sewing machine. Many people think they need an industrial sewing machine, but that is not necessary because it is easy to work with. A simple needle size 70 and a good polyester thread are sufficient. The great thing about our cork fabrics is that you can process the edges open because our cork fabric does not fray.

Cork can also be painted. Various colors are suitable for this. It is best to test this on a smaller piece of cork first.

Otherwise, you can cut, sew, iron, rivet, punch holes, glue, paint, label, staple, embroider and use our cork fabric for many other tasks. The cork fabric sold by the meter from OAK + CORK is the perfect leather substitute. This makes it an excellent material for a variety of creative sewing and DIY projects.

No matter whether you want to make a bag, backpack, wallet or home accessories out of it. Our cork fabric sold by the meter is unique and sustainable at the same time.

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